A Little about me.

​I received my first Apricot Poodle in 1988 from Marlene Miller of "Kalista Poodle".  The girl I bought was not show able but, I bred her and got my very first home bred champion.  To date I have 7 champions bred by and carrying my kennel name.

All my girls have been tested "A"s for PRA and hips are good.  I only breed for males that have also been tested.  I only breed my girls once a year.  All puppies have championship lines.

I feed my girls a raw diet and puppies will get raw diet plus I also feed them dry.  That way whom ever buys a puppy can make up their own mind on what to feed them.  I am also a retailer for Columbiarivernaturalpetfood.com.  I also do pet sitting for my dogs I have bred.


Two of the areas that the puppies play in:

PJs Apricot Miniature Poodles